With a positive reception in 2017, production for a new campaign for Bionic started right at the beginning of 2018 with the goal to achieve an improved result. Fashion photographer Bon Wongwannawat joined again for a new collaboration. This time the theme was "unleash your power", with the declared intention to play with a bolder direction to depict the brand.
Concept: Kilian Bründler, Vinh Pham Dang, Bon Wongwannawat 
​​​​​​​Camera & Editing: Bon Wongwannawat
Models: Christian T., Mirjam J., Nadja B.
Shot in an disused industrial site in Bern, the red and blue films yielded suggestive results and spearheaded what would be later achieved for the new digital presence. Initially rolled out on social media and digital channels, some of the pictures of this set were employed as key visuals for ads and printed materials during the first half of 2018, achieving an internal and external enthusiastic reception (there was a mild concern it could have been too deviating).
With the opening of the first North American studio set for summer 2018, the marketing team stepped up the game by planning a brand new website to support the new activities and international expansion. Enter KiloKilo, a Zurich-based digital agency specialised in design, code and motion. The marketing team found a very suitable and totally cool partner in KiloKilo, and was glad to bring their expertise to the table.

Works on a revamped art direction for a new image set, tailored for the milestone achieved by Bionic, began as well and picked up from where the last photo shooting concluded. Photographer Bon Wongwannawat returns, once again joining Bionic and KiloKilo, for another collaboration.
The revamped art direction drew from what was done in the latest campaign with new inputs from both partners in order to amp it up to the next level. The results obtained with the red film in combination with a fiercer and fashion-like direction were discussed and agreed upon by all parties. Moodboards (pictured above) and reference materials were reviewed to pinpoint the aesthetic details to bring in production.

Here is a selection of the content produced in collaboration with Bon Wongwannawat and KiloKilo:
Concept & Art Direction: Vinh Pham Dang, Dominik Sigrist, Parinya "Bon" Wongwannawat 
​​​​​​​Camera: Parinya "Bon" Wongwannawat
Editing: Vinh Pham Dang
Scenography: Alexandre Joly, Dominik Sigrist, Lukas Zgraggen
Makeup and Hair: Ladina Baumann
Models: Livia H., Christian T., Rachel H., Kevin S.
Visit bionic-sport.com and @bionicsport to see the results.
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