NOSE Design (now Futureworks) was tasked by RUAG, a Swiss aerospace and defence technology company, with developing a set of pictograms in print and electronic media to provide information in a quick and simple manner as well as to facilitate navigation.
The main characteristic is the 45° shadow cut that conforms to the angle at the end of the capital letter "G" of the RUAG wordmark and makes the pictograms appear more three-dimensional. All pictograms are based on a design grid measuring 20 x 20 units with a buffer space of 2 units: they are solid, concise, specific and come in RUAG colour "sky blue".
Greyscale pictograms may be used for greyscale applications.
The following pictograms are not part of the standard set and were considered for the RUAG season's greetings card. The card depicts RUAG's main fields: land, air and space.
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