Starmind, a Swiss technology company based in Zurich, provides a self-learning software to big companies to access the entire know-how of the organisation. The cockpit, one of the features of the Starmind application, highlights expertise of the employees and statistics of the network.
Users can access the cockpit through the Starmind application: this protected area provides real-time insights about skills, knowledge and intelligence in the company that could, for example, allow targeted staffing of project team members. All registered users have their own "know-how map", a personal profile redacted and updated by the Starmind algorithm displaying areas of expertise based on the user's activity.
The layout of the cockpit is defined in tiles, each housing a widget that can either display a content or interact with the Starmind application. The tiles have been intended to eventually leave to the admin/user how to arrange the content.  Infographics are light and sci-fi-ish, not overly designed but just a hint to feel sophisticated. The design has been conceived in close collaboration with the Data Analyst and subsequently implemented and refined by the Interaction Designers and Front End developers. A maximum set of 3 tags has been decided based on the data that less than 1% of all users throughout all networks had relevant expertise in 4 randomly picked topics.
The cockpit also spearheaded the design of the UI icons. The focus was on a simple yet recognisable silhouette with solid shapes, rounded angles and a minimal use of details. The icons have been designed in a 20 x 20 px grid with a buffer space of 2 px.
The overall design of the application is clean and allows customers a degree of customisation to apply their own's colour palette, font and logo.
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